Invest in the Future of Pickleball

​Everyone is excited about our indoor pickleball clubs, the first of which is scheduled to open this year at 1300 Sarasota Central Parkway, Lakewood Ranch, Florida. With 12 indoor courts & 4 outdoor courts - Sarasota will host the most sophisticated indoor pickleball facility in the country! To date, we have already received over 600 prospective member inquiries through our website. 


Why Pickleball?

Fastest growing sport in the US

  • Get on board in the early stages of industry growth

  • 4.5 million players nationwide

  • 20% annual growth

  • Florida – the epicenter of pickleball

  • Our solution – Build indoor pickleball clubs


Everyone can play

  • Play for Life – Play from age 8 to 90+

  • Easy to learn - fun right away

  • Not physically demanding and easy on the joints

  • Our solution – Sport court flooring, indoor lighting in a climate-controlled environment


Inclement weather – rain, heat, humidity, wind, insects, heat...

  • 98% of the Nation’s courts are outside

  • 1/3 of the time can’t play or it's just to uncomfortable

  • Our solution – Move indoors to a dedicated pickleball facility


 Court availability – Why can’t I find a court?

  • Long lines, long wait times, or no available courts

  • Limited indoor times to play in gyms -no time in the summer

  • Most courts in private HOAs & COAs

  • Our solution - Court reservations


Skill-building - Professional instruction is difficult to find

  • Can’t find an instructor

  • Lessons canceled due to weather

  • No affordable clinics

  • Our solution – A dedicated indoor professional staff


Pickleball – spending time with your friends

  • Create a club environment

  • Bring people together with a common interest

  • Make it affordable for everyone

  • Our Solution – A coffee shop & juice bar with plenty of seating

What are your plans and how far along are you?

  • We are developing 15 clubs in Florida in the next 3 -5 years

  • 2-years developing the club template, detailed facility plans, advanced club operating systems, and team building team

  • 2 clubs [24 indoor courts] under development in Sarasota, Florida. Land acquired, processing permits

  • Planning to open the first club this year.

  • 5 future sites are under investigation and due diligence

  • Experienced development and operational management team in place

  • Member pricing model very affordable

  • Current valuation $15 million

Private offering for accredited investors, $50,000

Minimum Investment


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Crowdfunding portal for non-accredited investors, $150

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Investor FAQ

What's an accredited investor?

An accredited investor means you (i) have a $1 million net worth, not including the value of your primary residence (but including literally everything else, art, real estate, jewelry, business interests, investments, retirement accounts; OR (ii) you earn at least $200,000 per year alone or $300,000 including the income of your spouse.

What is CrowdFunding?

Title III of the JOBS Act of 2012 legalized equity crowdfunding for non-accredited investors, also known as “regulation crowdfunding”. Title III went into effect until May of 2016. There are four types of crowdfunding, each receives money from interested donors. They are donation, debt, rewards, and equity. Our offering is an equity type. While some crowdfunding campaigns don't allow backers to own a portion of the company they're supporting, equity-based crowdfunding allows a business to give up a portion of their business in exchange for funding. These donations are a type of investment, where participants receive shares or interests in the business based on how much money they contribute.

Who is Republic?

Republic is one of the pioneering companies in the new world of open-to-all equity crowdfunding. It is equity crowdfunding with an idealistic bent. Taking advantage of the legalization of equity crowdfunding for any and all investors, Republic states a desire “to democratize startup fundraising and investing.” Republic has an affinity for “mission-driven startups” because it believes “the greatest companies have a mission.” Clearly, Republic seeks to align itself with progressive aspirations and create distance from the image of investment as a game for the elite.

Who is SRQ Pickleball Partners, LLC?

SRQ Pickleball Partners, LLC is developing The Pickleball ClubTM, to be the premier membership-based indoor pickleball facility in Florida. The company’s strategy is to take advantage of the significant unmet demand for a quality indoor sports facility in the Florida market with a vision to build 15 clubs in the Florida market. The Company currently has two clubs under development in Sarasota, Florida, each of ~34,000 sf with 12 indoor courts, a pro shop, coffee/juice bar, and locker room facilities. The coffee/bar will be supplemented by a series of rotating food trucks, to accommodate special events and major activities such as tournaments. The Club positions itself as a “Member Only” destination. The Club focuses on the social aspect of the sport, as well as health & fitness and skill development. Revenues are earned from four primary sources: membership fees, court reservation fees, instructional fees, and league & tournament fees. Secondary income is derived from the operation of the coffee/juice bar and pro shop.